Baby Jewelry   ( View all Baby Jewelry )

14k Teddy Bear Charm

14k Heart Charm

14k Double Heart Earrings

14k Butterfly Earrings

14k Small Cross Earrings

14k Butterfly Charm

Batteries   ( View all Batteries )

B312EZ-8 Ez Turn & Lock B312 8 Pk

E90 Photo Battery

Lithium Batteries

Space Packs

B76 Lr44 2 Pack Battery

Watch Batteries

Boxes   ( View all Boxes )

Pearl and Necklace Box 6-3/16 x 5-3/16 x 1-1/16

Double Ring Box

Charm and Earring Box 2-5/8 x 1-5/8 x 15/16

Omega Necklace Box 7-3/16 x 5-3/16 x 1-3/16

Chain Box 3-3/16 x 2-1/4 x 1

Charm and Earring Box 2-3/16 x 1-3/4 x 11/16

Chains   ( View all Chains )

C0104R Reversible 4m Omega Chain

CH50C 14K 1.9m Cable Chain

CH35DCL 14K 1.5m Diamond Cut Cable Chain

C0120 14k 4.3m Cuban Chain

CH60R GF/SS 3mm Rope Chain

Z012 14K 1.5m Solid Rope Chain

Coin Mountings   ( View all Coin Mountings )

27.5X2.0 1984 Us Olympic/Mexican Peso 20

38.1X2.8 $1.00 Us Regular Silver

26.5X2.0 Sacagawea Dollar

14.15X.79 Canadian Maple Leaf 1/20 Oz

16.0X1.14 Canadian Maple Leaf 1/10 Oz

32.5X2.7 Chinese Panda 1 Oz

Earrings   ( View all Earrings )

E490 14K Square Lever Back

E172 14K 6 Prong Triangle Earring

Pearl Studs-12 Pair per Box

1 Dual Use Gun 6pr Ea S/l

E399 14K 3 Prong Tru-Seat Martini

E480 14K 3 Prong Martini Earring

Findings   ( View all Findings )

JR-.060 14K/GF/SS 24 Gauge 2.5mm Jump Ring

14y 5.5m Id Prl Enhancer

13m Fili 14k Prl Clasp

14y 5mm Box Clasp

14K 16m Earwire with Joint

A909 Plastic Stopper.027-.036mm 100pk

Metals   ( View all Metals )

14K Light Wall Tubing


14K Flat Sheet Stock

14K Medium Wall Tubing

14K/10K/18K/PT Half Round Sizing Stock

Sterling Silver Flat Sheet Stock

Mountings   ( View all Mountings )

3853 10k Swirl Style Mother`s Ring

12-501 14K Square Solitaire Wrap

CMR-18 14k Yellow 16.5x1.7m Holds 20-1.8m-2m

14k Fleur de Lis Mounting

14k Oval Mounting with Rounds

11-406 14K/Plat Bridal Set 2)5x3x2 Tapered Baguette

Pearls   ( View all Pearls )

Undrilled Seed Pearls

Half-Drilled 3/4 Pearls

Half-drilled A Quality Pearls

Half-drilled AA Quality Pearls

Half-drilled A Quality Black Pearls

Button Pearls

Pendants   ( View all Pendants )

P473 14K 4 Prong Heavy Weight Basket

14k Emerald Cut Pendant with Melee

P916 14K Flexible 3 Stone Pendant

P1-28 14K Heart Pendant

14k Cross Pendant

P705 14K 5 Stone Journey Pendant

Settings   ( View all Settings )

2-88 4 Prong Oval Basket W/Inner Bezel

2-67 14K/Plat Marquise V-End Peg

2-35 14K/Plat Square Tapered Basket Peg

2-71 14K/Plat Pear Shape V-End

2-891 14K Marquise V End Peg

8-940 12.5x9.5m Slide

Shanks   ( View all Shanks )

4-4755 14K 4.1m Cathedral Shank

48-472 14K 2.2m Notched Shank

18y 2.7m Shank

6-4772 6)1.5m,16)1.75,8)2.1

14-95 14k Leaf Shank

4-4766 14K 5.5m Cathedral Shank

Solder   ( View all Solder )

Plumb Sheet Solder

Palladium Sheet Solder

Plumb Sheet Solder

Noble Repair Solder

Repair Sheet Solder

Repair Sheet Solder

Solitaires   ( View all Solitaires )

13-126 14K Square Curved Solitaire

13-022 14K 8 Prong Solitaire

V13B369 14k Antique Style Solitaire

13-070 14K Heart Shape Solitaire

13-028 14K Round Crisscross

13-115 14K Round Halo W/Rope Shank

Stones   ( View all Stones )

8m Round Synthetic Birthstones

Genuine Emerald-Pear Shape

Genuine Peridot-Round

14x10 Oval Cabochon Birthstones

2mm Round Synthetic Birthstones

Premium Cubic Zirconia-Straight Baguette

Tools   ( View all Tools )

Deluxe Jewelers Bench

End Brush

Econ Plastic Ring Mandrel

Nylon Hammer W/ 1' Face

Adalox Sanding Disc

Flux Bottle With Stainless Spout

Wedding Bands   ( View all Wedding Bands )

14k 10x5 Tapered Flat Low Dome

10k 6m Beaded Inside Round

10K 10m Flat Regular Weight

Platinum 5mm Inside Round Band

10k 4.5m Beaded Inside Round

10k 5.5m Beaded Inside Round Economy

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