Batteries   ( View all Batteries )

Watch Batteries

Watch Batteries

Beading   ( View all Beading )

A1062-4 SS Separator Bar

Boxes   ( View all Boxes )

Dz Blk Bx Dble Ring

Necklace 5.44x3.94 Gold

Chrm-Erg&rng 2x1.5gold

Bangle Brac 3.5x3.5 Gold

Omga&prlstr 7.19x5.12gold

Dz Erg W/flap Blck Box

Chains   ( View all Chains )

CH50C 14K 1.9m Cable Chain

C0104R Reversible 4m Omega Chain

C076 14K 4.5m Figaro Chain

Z018DC 14k 2.5m Diamond Cut Rope Chain

C0130 14k 4.5m Puffed Mariner Chain

CH70B GF/SS 2.25m Curb Chain

Coin Mountings   ( View all Coin Mountings )

24.2X1.6 $.25 Us Silver

22.5X1.5 Mexican Peso 10

16.0X1.14 Canadian Maple Leaf 1/10 Oz

25.12X2.24 Canadian Maple Leaf 1/2 Oz

16.46X1.27 Am Eagle Liberty 1/10 Oz $5

18.0X1.14 $2.50 Us Indian

Earrings   ( View all Earrings )

E489 14K Emerald Cut Basket Lever Back

E913 14K 3 Stone Dangle Earring

4mm Pearl Earrings

E125 14K 4 Prong Tru-Seat Earring

E188 14K Round Earrings

E482 14K/Plat 4 Prong Screwback

Findings   ( View all Findings )

A2055 14K Side Open Catch

Ring Guards

14y 0 Block Nmbr 5/16in

14y4mm Push Bar Clasp

14y 6m Disappearing Clsp

14y 3m Id Med Tpr Bail

Metals   ( View all Metals )

14K Heavy Wall Tubing

Plat 1in 2x1 Flat Stock

14K Medium Wall Tubing

Plat 1in 2x1.5hlf Rd Stck

Casting Grain-Sold per DWT

Plat 1in 2x2 Square Stock

Mountings   ( View all Mountings )

11-375 14K Semi Mounting 6.1x3.5 Half Moon

11-644 14K 6)2.3m Bridal Set

6-2182 11)2.3m Designer Wedding Band

6-2174 21)2.9m Designer Eternity Ring

11-370 14K Semi Mounting 6x3.7 Half Moon

11-681 14K Bridal Set

Pearls   ( View all Pearls )

1mm Seed Pearls

4.5x5m Button Pearl Half Drilled

3mm A Half Dr Pearl

3m Aa Half Dr Pearl

Pendants   ( View all Pendants )

P911 14K 3 Stone Pendant

P477 14K 4 Prong Basket Light Weight

P139 14K/Plat V-Prong Square Pendant

P157 14K 4 Prong Pendant

P1-26 14K Heart Pendant

P1-25 14K Heart Pendant

Settings   ( View all Settings )

2-628 14K Square V Prong Peg Setting

2-27 14kw 4 Prong Precut Peg

14K Melee Trim

14K Three Stone Emerald Cut Top Setting

Multistone Emerald Cut Cluster Top-Top Only

2-79 14K/Platinum Pear Shape Peg

Shanks   ( View all Shanks )

4-4760 14K 4m High Center Shank

Platinum 3.6m Diestruck Cathedral Shank

48-472 14K 2.2m Notched Shank

4-740 14K 2.3m Rounded 3/4-Shank for 2-740 Series

4-47125 14k 3.6m Inside Round Knife Edge

4-47296 14K 2.3m Flat Bottom Shank

Solder   ( View all Solder )

Clipped Solder Cadmium Free

Sheet Solder With Cadmium

General Purpose Sheet Solder

Sheet Solder Cadmium Free

Sheet Solder With Cadmium

Sheet Solder Cadmium Free

Solitaires   ( View all Solitaires )

13-038 14K Square Crisscross

13-120 4 Prong Round Solitaire

13-053 14K 4 Prong Round Medium Weight

V13-900 14K 6 Prong Victorian Solitaire

13B360 14K Square Antique Solitaire

13-054 14k 4 Prong Pre-Cut

Stones   ( View all Stones )

Premium Cubic Zirconia-Tapered Baguette

Genuine Swiss Topaz-Emerald Cut

Genuine Peridot-Square

Genuine Pink Tourmaline-Oval

Genuine Citrine-Oval

Premium Cubic Zirconia-Marquise

Tools   ( View all Tools )

Econ Plastic Ring Mandrel

7 3/4 Fine Metal Brush

Moore`s Adalox Sanding Discs

6' 1/2 Round Cut 3 File

Mini Screwdriver Set

Diamond Detective Tester

Wedding Bands   ( View all Wedding Bands )

14k 7m Inside Round Economy

WB370R 10k 7m Beaded Regular Weight

WB660IR 14K 6m Flat Inside Round

14k 12m Inside Round

WB640R 14K 4mm Flat Regular Weight

10k 6m Beaded Low Dome

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