Batteries   ( View all Batteries )

Watch Batteries

Watch Batteries

Boxes   ( View all Boxes )

Chrm-Erg&rng 2.56x1.81gld

Bracelet 8.12x2.12 Gold

Dz Blk Bx Dble Ring

Dz Black Box Pendant

Omga&prlstr 7.19x5.12gold

Ncklc&chains 3.25x2.25gld

Chains   ( View all Chains )

CH50B Sterling Silver 1.9m Curb Chain

CH35DCL 14K 1.5m Diamond Cut Cable Chain

CH30C 14K Cable Chain

C011W 14K 1mm Wheat Chain

C073 14K 3.6m Figaro Chain

C071 14K 1.3m Figaro Chain

Coin Mountings   ( View all Coin Mountings )

25.12X2.24 Canadian Maple Leaf 1/2 Oz

40.6X2.94 $1.00 Us American Eagle Silver

21.9X1.83 Am Eagle Liberty 1/4 Oz $10

27.0X1.85 Chinese Panda 1/2 Oz

19.0X1.1 Mexican Peso 5

24.2X1.6 $.25 Us Silver

Earrings   ( View all Earrings )

E491 14K 3 Prong Pear Shape Lever Back

1 Dual Use Gun 6pr Ea S/l

3m Synthetic Birthstone Medi-Studs-6 Pair per Box

E482 14K/Plat 4 Prong Screwback

E487 14K Oval Basket Lever Back

E817 14K Multistone Earring

Findings   ( View all Findings )

JR-.230 GF/SS 16 Gauge 8.4mm Jump Ring

14y 6.1m Id Bright Bail

JR-.102S Sterling Silver 19 Gauge 4.4mm Jump Ring

D999 18K Heavy Weight Friction Ear Nut

14K/SS Chain Ends

2 1/2in Gold Filled Guard Chain

Metals   ( View all Metals )

14K Light Wall Tubing

14K Heavy Wall Tubing

Casting Grain-Sold per DWT

14K Medium Wall Tubing


Plat 1in 2x1.5hlf Rd Stck

Mountings   ( View all Mountings )

12-204 14K Triangle Solitaire Wrap

6-2175 36)1.3m Eternity Ring with Prongs

CMR-6 14k Yellow 14mm Nugget Style Coin Ring

11-651 14K Round Bridal Set

13-090 14K Cushion Basket Bridal Set

12-624 14K Solitaire Wrap

Pearls   ( View all Pearls )

4.5x5m Button Pearl Half Drilled

3mm A Half Dr Pearl

3m Aa Half Dr Pearl

1mm Seed Pearls

Pendants   ( View all Pendants )

P1-26 14K Heart Pendant

P500 14K 3 Stone Pendant

P890 14K 3 Prong Pendant

P1-15 14k Pearl Pendant

S1058 14K Small Puffed Floating Heart

14k Flag Collar Pin

Settings   ( View all Settings )

2-475 14K 4 Prong Scroll Setting

2-10 14Kw 4 Prong Illusion Peg Setting

2-344 14K 4 Prong Tapered Setting

14K Melee Trim

2-745 14K/Plat 4 Prong Emerald Basket

Multistone Oval Cluster Top-Top Only

Shanks   ( View all Shanks )

4-47125 14k 3.6m Inside Round Knife Edge

4-47280 14K 2.65m Half Round Shank

4-752 14k 2.5m Rounded 3/4-Shank

4-4005 14K 3.35m Half Shank

6-4790 7.37m 2 Pronged Split Shank

V4-4757 14K 5m Victorian Cathedral Shank

Solder   ( View all Solder )

Sheet Solder Cadmium Free

Sheet Solder With Cadmium

Sheet Solder With Cadmium

Sheet Solder With Cadmium

Sheet Solder With Cadmium

Sheet Solder With Cadmium

Solitaires   ( View all Solitaires )

13-107 14K Square Halo Solitaire

13-091 14K Oval/Emerald Cut Solitaire

13-116 14K Oval Halo Rope Shank

V13-900 14K 6 Prong Victorian Solitaire

13-117 14K Emerald Halo Rope Shank

A13-150 Plat/14k 4 Prong Solitaire

Stones   ( View all Stones )

1.75mm Rd Jan Syn Stone

5x2.5m Mq Jan Syn Stone

Genuine Opal-Round

9m Rd Jan Syn Stone

Genuine Amethyst-Emerald Cut

Premium Cubic Zirconia-Oval

Tools   ( View all Tools )

Bearing Cutter 90 Hart

Utility Tweezer Set

Vigor Jewelers Epoxy

Black Rouge Polishing Silver

Handle For Scroo-Zon File

Ergonomic Saw Frame

Wedding Bands   ( View all Wedding Bands )

14k 6m Inside Round Satin Finish with Brite Edge

10k 3m Low Dome

WB663LD 14K 6x3 Flat Tapered Low Dome

10k 5.5m Beaded Inside Round Economy

WB660IR 14K 6m Flat Inside Round

14k 10m Low Dome

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